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Clean Transactions

Never wonder what that transaction was actually for, we sift through your data to provide actionable intel.

Dashboard analytics

Know all your financial vial signs as soon as you open the app!

Employee Spending

Give employees their own cards but manage their spending with ease!

ALPHA apps are packed with great features

We're real business owners. That's why we're making tools that you can use every day in real life; because we actually understand! It's hard for words to describe, but trust us, the less you have to worry about banking means more effort you can put into what really matters.
Save Up The Easy Way

We want to guide you to your goals, but that means something different to everyone. Set aside a percentage of income or use a time-based schedule, and always have enough to pay your taxes!

Pay and Get Paid!

Wouldn't it be easier sometimes to just send a quick invoice directly from your bank? We'll let you know when they pay!

Real Customer Service

Seriously. Why is this so difficult for some companies? We all live here in the good ole' US of A, empowered to handle your concern the first time!

Insight and Clarity

Know every detail about that purchase you can't remember. Label your money in whatever way works best for you. Look ahead, and we'll tell you if we see problems looming.

Employee Spending

Let anyone you trust make purchases for you, within special security rules. Restrict spending in certain areas to keep everyone accountable.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Why drive to the bank? We are building ALPHA to perform nearly every banking function directly from your phone. Even finding a desktop computer can be cumbersome, that's why we're mobile first!